Sustainable Water for the Upper Santa Cruz Valley
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The Upper Santa Cruz Providers and Users Group was formed in 2007 in response to the decline in the south Pima County aquifer and public concern for the sustainability of our water supply. Our area of interest is the portion of the Santa Cruz River valley north of Elephant Head Road and south of Pima Mine Road. Early work of the group centered on defining the extent of the problem and achieving community consensus on the resulting statistics. That work is completed having received a thorough review by Pima County Staff.

Current work is progressing along two tracks: creating a plan for bringing CAP water to the south end of our area and empowering our organizational structure to undertake fundraising and project development.

USCPUG can receive government grants, corporate contributions and even tax-deductible contributions by individuals. We are developing the means to raise these funds and manage them prudently to finance our research and design projects. 

The US Bureau of Reclamation has joined with USCPUG to lay the groundwork for transportation and use of CAP water throughout our area. The work will be cooperatively funded by the federal government and local resources. Much more work remains to be done within USCPUG and across the community.

We have a well functioning Board of Directors comprised of representatives of the sponsoring members: Green Valley Domestic Water Improvement District, Community Water Company of Green Valley, Farmers Investment Co. & Farmers Water Co. and Sahuarita Water Company.

Freeport McMoRan the and the Town of Sahuarita are also participants of USCPUG.  Many other organizations and individuals have participated in USCPUG discussions. Some are the Green Valley Council, ASARCO, Pima County, the Arizona Department of Water Resources and the Las Quintas Serenas Water Company. Our representatives attend meetings of water groups at the local, regional and state levels.

USCPUG maintains this website to allow public access to our project reports, organizational documents, and water-related information.

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